What do our weekly reports include?

Our team will tell you if anything was broken to deduct out of a security deposit. We tell you about the renters and how they took care of your home. We provide a report on any services or maintenance done to your home. Pictures are taken regularly to include in this report and it’s emailed to you after each week. It will also be in your online member portal to read at your convenience or refer back to.

How do I let you know who has rented the home and when?

In your member dashboard, you can simply send us a message or you can use our calendar feature to add in renter information.

How do I pay you?

We keep your card on file or bill you 1 month prior to each rented week.

What if something breaks or is damaged?

If it’s over a certain amount we will simply replace/fix and let you know.  Most owners give us the pre-approval to replace if under $100.  We will discuss this with you prior to signing you on to make sure you’re comfortable.

You’ll notice this in your weekly report.  If it’s the fault of the renter, you’ll have proof and can charge them directly.  We charge your card on file for the repair/replacement.